Friday, July 22, 2005

A New Batch of Fibers


I need to clear these fibers out so that I can list my dyed Falkland wool for sale. The prices on these fibers have dropped, with the silks now being discounted $3/oz each, and the wools also a couple dollars off per lot.


New Stuff! Are you excited?? I am! I have tons (well not literally tons) of new stuff dyed up that I want to offer for sale. The terms are simple… payment accepted via PayPal (preferred), money order, or personal check. The personal check will delay shipment until the check clears my bank; PayPal and money orders ship within 24 hours (unless it’s a Sunday).

Because of the silks, there’s a new deal on the shipping arrangement. Up to 4 oz of silk will ship first class for $1.50. Over 4 oz of anything will go in a priority mail box and cost $3.85 up to the first pound, $5.35 up to 2 lbs, and flat rate boxes will be used for anything over 2 lbs for $7.70.

Here’s the silks… when you email me at with your order, please put either Silk # or Wool number, so I can tell which one you’d like.

Silk # 1 2 oz $15

Image hosted by

Silk # 2 2 oz $15

Image hosted by

Silk #4 2 oz $15

Image hosted by

Silk # 6 2 oz $15

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Silk #7 3 oz $22

Image hosted by

Wools for sale… these new wools are a combed domestic top in the 56s. Comparable to the Faulkland 56s that I offered for sale at Rendezvous, this top has a wonderful hand and is suitable for socks, scarves, sweaters, mittens, etc. This is not the same as the carded wool roving that I had offered previously; this type is considerably better quality. I’m passing the savings on to you, the consumer, because I was able to secure this wool at a *very* good price.

Wool #4 8 oz $10

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