Thursday, August 11, 2005

Falkland Fibers Sale, Finally!

The terms for these sales are the same as the terms stated before.

Payment via PayPal is highly preferred, but I will accept money orders. Please, no personal checks. I've be burned in the past with bounced checks, and I'm sorry to have to refuse check payments. Shipment will be via USPS priority mail for all packages. Fiber purchases under a pound will be $3.85, up to 2 lbs $5.85. Over that will go in a flat rate priority box for $7.70.

To order, just email me with your selections at Please make sure to put in Falkland, Domestic 56s Top, or Silk Top along with the number of the fiber. Please don't forget to indicate how you would like to pay, and what email address you would like your invoice to be sent to. The invoice will contain my mailing address if you choose to mail a payment.

Falkland 56s wool top is good for many different projects... mittens, hats, gloves, socks (great for socks!), scarves just to name a few. The fiber is strong yet soft, making it a very versatile fiber with tons of potential for almost any project!

Falkland 1, two lots of 4 oz, either $7 for 4 oz, or $14 for 8 oz.

Image hosted by

Falkland 2, one 4 oz lot available, $7 -- Sold!

Image hosted by

Falkland 3, two lots of 4 oz available, $7 for 4 oz, $14 for 8

Image hosted by

Falkland 4, one 4 oz lot available, $7 -- Sold!

Image hosted by

Falkland 5, one 4 oz lot available, $7

Image hosted by

Falkland 6, two 4 oz lots available, $7 for 4 oz, $14 for 8 oz -- Sold!

Image hosted by

Falkland 7, one 4 oz lot available, $7 -- Sold!

Image hosted by

Falkland 8, two 4 oz lots available, $7 for 4 oz, $14 for 8 oz. -- Sold!

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